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MyOz Health Services Sdn. Bhd was founded with the purpose of introducing and bringing premium quality health products to the people.
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Jarrah Honey – TA30+


The TA 30+ Jarrah Honey is our flagship product. Sourced from remote pristine old-growth forests, it has exceptional antimicrobial activity, is rich in antioxidants (2 to 3 times more than Manuka honey), has low GI (suitable for diabetics) and a host of other proven beneficial health properties. It can also be used as a powerful dressing to aid healing of skin injuries (burns or ulcers), or acne. With magnificent taste and texture, this honey promotes vitality, good health and healing. It’s 100% raw & pure, with no diluting substances, artificial chemicals, preservatives, sugar etc. – straight from the hive to your home!

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