MyOz Health Services Sdn.Bhd | Hydrogen, Honey, Health & Honesty
MyOz Health Services Sdn. Bhd was founded with the purpose of introducing and bringing premium quality health products to the people.
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Hydrogen, Honey, Health & Honesty

Best Products

We’re committed to carrying only the best brands and products on the market.


We are also open to new ideas and collaboration with other companies.

Flexible Payment

We accept many forms of payment including payments including Paypal and Major Credit Cards.

Free Delivery

Shipping is free on all of our products to all locations within the Malaysia.

Our Products

Xcell Hydrogen Infusion Machine


This “true” hydrogen machine is vastly superior to any alkaline water ionizer in the world. Unlike alkaline water ionizers, the Xcell incorporates four unique processes that allow for the production of consistently high concentrations of molecular hydrogen water across a wide variety of source water conditions including both soft and hard water.

Australian Jarrah Honey


Jarrah tree is a native tree unique to Western Australia. It grows in the rich, environmentally pristine native forests stretching from Perth to WA’s South West. During late spring and early summer the trees produce a profusion of flowers which come alive with the buzz of bees’ busily collecting pollen and the rich nectar to make Jarrah honey.


We invite you to witness our passion in presenting scientifically-accurate information on our premium quality health products. It is our pleasure to assist you in making the best, informed decision that will affect one of yours and your loved ones’ greatest assets… health!